Continuously developing and investing in Healthcare innovations

We’ve commited to continuously developing and investing in innovations that deliver high quality, more affordable healthcare to more people around the world. Our goal is to make measureable progress in increasing affordability, improving quality and increasing access to healthcare around the world.

Kovenco is committed to taking on some of the world’s toughest challenges. In order to fulfill that promise around big issues like clean energy and affordable healthcare, we rely on a culture of leadership and diversity to drive innovation and productivity. Limited access to quality care affects health systems and patients everywhere from rural areas in under-developed countries that may lack basic services, to prohibitive costs for much needed research technologies. Through healthyimagination, we are targeting both ends of this spectrum to meet the needs of patients and caregivers, wherever they may be.

For Kovenco, healthyimagination is about innovation — bringing technologies to healthcare providers to help them increase affordability and deliver better care to more people. We recognize the challenges facing caregivers, and have aligned our business so support them.

Healthyimagination Programme Services

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Acute Systems for Healthcare and Kovenco

Kovenco's Acute Services As populations continue to grow and age, there will be increasing demand for acute curative services responsive to life-threatening emergencies, acute exacerbation of chronic illnesses and many routine health problems that nevertheless require prompt action.
Kovenco is regarded as experts in Healthcare IT Systems. Kovenco has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex healthcare software and services world. We have designed, developed and implemented a wide variety of technological healthcare systems and apply the appropriate clinical standards that are needed. We believe there is nothing within the healthcare and pharma industries that is beyond our development expertise. Kovenco has delivered solutions for clients that span the entire continuum of healthcare systems.

Kovenco Healthcare IT Services

HCTricity TM Services

Our healthcare IT specialists help drive change across your enterprise and enhance utilization through training on new features and functionality of your imaging solution. We have developed more than 100 imaging informatics courses, tailored to specific roles, such as System Administrator, System Manager-IT, Report Writer and Master Trainer.

Electronic Records

Advantages of using Kovenco Healthcare Electronic Medical Records Solutions EMR solutions HCTricity™ portfolio have been setting standards for ambulatory and enterprise EMR solutions for more than two decades. From small physician practices to large multi-specialty groups, integrated delivery network centers.

Medical Imaging

Kovenco's comprehensive portfolio includes Picture Archiving System (PACS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) solutions, Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and cloud imaging solutions for department, enterprises and communities.

Healthcare ITConsulting

Kovenco’s Healthcare IT Consulting services will equip practices with insights to Practice Solutions or EMR features to help your organization navigate the meaningful use IT program and prepare for regulatory compliance.

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